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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Service requests can be made by Mail, Fax or E-Mail. Upon receipt of your request, if payment is not provided, we will contact you for payment information. Payment must be provided prior to submission for filing. Once your document returns, we will e-mail or fax you a copy and mail you the originals.

Where can I find forms for filing?

Forms for filing at the Secretary of State can be found on their website. We have also provided links below for your convenience:

What are the turn around times?

What are the turn around times? The average turn around time for REGULAR counter filing takes approx. 5-8 business days, For SOS updated processing times, please click here.

** If your document was submitted via 24 Hour expedited service, you will receive your document 24 Hours from the time of submission

Sacramento Superior Court Civil Document Filings Processing Dates

When will my document be submitted?

We have 3 daily scheduled runs to the SoS, Our first run is at 10:00 AM, early afternoon at 1:00 PM, and our last one at 3:00 PM. All requests received, along with payment, before 3:00 PM will be processed and submitted the same day.

How do I make a payment?

Payment can be provided over the phone. We do not recommend providing payment information via internet or fax. Our office gladly accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover).

If you are planning to mail your documents with checks, checks can be made entirely to Sacramento Attorneys' Service or you can make separate checks as appropriate.

** Please note that when making checks to the Secretary of State, it is recommended that the counter fee and filing fee be made on two separate checks. However, copy fees can be combined with filing fees, NOT the counter-fee.

How long does a Name Reservation take?

Results for name reservation of a corporation can be provided within first couple hours after confirmation of the request. However, for LLCs, results for a name reservation can take approximately 2-3 business days but results for a name check can be provided within the first couple of hours after confirmation of the request as well.

You can simply email us your top 3 desired names or complete a Name Reservation Request Form and email it to us.

What are Secretary of State fees?

Fees for the Secretary of State vary depending on the service you wish to utilize.

Counter Fee:

  • $15 - Standard Service
  • $350 - 24 Hour expedited/Next-Day Service
  • $750 - Same Day Service ( Document must be received by 9 AM)
  • $10 - LLC Name Reservation
  • $10 - Document Retrieval/Good Standing

Filing Fee:

  • $70 - LLC-1 (Articles of Organization)
  • $100 - GENERAL STOCK Articles of Incorporation
  • $30 - NON-PROFIT Articles of Incorporation
  • $30 - Amendments (Both LLC and Corporation)
  • $20 - LLC Statement of Info.
  • $25 - Corporation Statement of Info.
  • *** COPY CHARGES: Documents with a filing fee of $30 or more will receive ONE free ENDORSED copy. Certified copies are an additional $5 for the first one and $6 for any additional copies ***

    We understand that the Secretary of State copy charges and service listings maybe a bit confusing, so please do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any misunderstandings or questions you may have.